What To Do When Spills Happen

Mark at Sure Clean here. I’ve been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 39 years, and I’ve seen my fair share of stains. What some people may not know is that what you do in the first few minutes can have a great effect on how difficult stains can be to remove. Whether it […]


Flu Season Tips

With flu season in full force and coronavirus COVID-19 working its way across the U.S., now is the perfect time to think about how to prevent the spread of viruses within in your own home. Today’s Tip Tuesday goes into the many simple steps you can take to prevent the spread of an illness once […]


Water Damage Madison IN

Do you have Water Damage in Madison IN? Water damage can come from many different places. No matter where the water comes from, it is vital to dry it up immediately and professionally in order to stop any further damage from occurring. When water is left to dry on its own, the possibility for mold growth increases […]